Readymade Android & iOS Mobile Apps for WooCommerce Websites

If you’re just getting started or trying to improve your online WooCommerce website sales, we have got an amazing solution in this article. Increasing your company revenue can be a very challenging job in this competitive environment. With growing competition in the eCommerce industry, you’ll need to think outside the box to achieve the best results. Converting your website into a pair of native WooCommerce Mobile App (Android and iOS) will help you reach a broader audience. As more people prefer to shop on eCommerce mobile apps rather than online websites. 

The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker allows eCommerce businesses to send push notifications, provide an easy checkout flow, and provide a user-friendly shopping interface, etc. Making it easier for the store admin to engage the customers and improve conversions from the app. The handy WooCommerce Mobile App Builder is a complete no-code tool that allows the store admin to get ready-made mobile apps. The extension gets installed on the store backend and the admin can control the app from there anytime. 

Knowband’s WooCommerce Mobile App Creator plugin will help you increase your online sales and take your company to new growths and heights. There are a number of ways to promote your brand online and attract new customers from the mobile shopping app who may be interested in purchasing your products.

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Amazing Features of WooCommerce Mobile App: 

1. Your Brand Identity –

The launch of a branded eCommerce shopping app without the involvement of a third-party link or reference gives the eCommerce company a more optimistic outlook. It is the most basic feature that a company should have in order to properly mark its Android and iOS app. It can be easily done by using the right banners, splash screens, brand name, logo, and so on. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder helps the store admin to carry out all of these branding and white labeling activities.

2. Home Screen layout Designing

By using the drag-and-drop functionality, the store administrator may create a custom home screen layout on the WooCommerce Mobile App. This feature allows the store admin to make all of the changes without having to know how to code. The friendly admin panel ensures that the store admin can design the entire home screen UI with simple clicks. Customers enjoy the attractive user interface and it persuades customers for successful purchases through WooCommerce Mobile App.

3. Social Login (Google & Facebook)-

The customer can also use Phone Number login (OTP), Fingerprint login for additional security and user convenience. Customers can quickly get into the Mobile App for WooCommerce with simplified login options. The store admin can also add social login options such as Google and Facebook, along with email registration and login. 

4. Multi-Lingual and RTL Scripts-

 It is now very simple to target several countries; locations with the same app. All the languages available on the eCommerce website, including RTL, are easily supported on the WooCommerce Android & iOS Mobile App. The customer can switch the language anytime in the shopping app. All currencies will also be supported on the app like languages. 

5. Shopping With Reliable Payments-

Shipping and secure payment methods encourage customers to use the Android and iOS apps more often. The store admin can include all of the payment and shipping options (that are available on the eCommerce website) on the mobile app. Customers will depend on the WooCommerce Android/iOS App Builder for better reliability and trust, and a pleasant shopping experience.

6. Offers Simplified Checkout Flow-

The convenient payment option enables the store admin to allow customers to checkout from the Android app and iOS app in just one step. The WooCommerce Mobile App simplified checkout flow by helping customers to complete transaction activities without entering too much detail.

7. Real-Time Synchronization-

For several people, manually updating details in the mobile app is a difficult process and causes unwanted errors. The WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App does not allow store admin to make manual adjustments on product data or inventory. Because the eCommerce store’s product inventory is completely synchronized with the mobile app. And if the eCommerce app is live, the customer will see the changes made by the store admin.

8. Unlimited Push Notifications-

From the extension backend, the store admin can activate the notification setting. So, whether there is an offer, an upgrade, or a sale in the shopping app, a notification will be sent to the customer’s screen automatically. Even if the device is locked, the consumer will see the notification in the WooCommerce Mobile App while they are not using the Android or iOS app.

9. Offline Mode-

The offline mode feature allows customers to use the Android and iOS app without being connected to the internet. The mobile app contains a preloaded cache that appears on users’ screens while they are unable to connect to the internet/slow connectivity.

10. Customer Support –

The WooCommerce Mobile App creator includes Zopim and Whatsapp chat functions that allow customers to ask questions, receive the required information, and get their issues resolved 24*7. This feature helps the store admin in preventing or minimizing the disadvantage of virtual Connection.


After reading this article, you should know that Mobile App for WooCommerce is helpful to both store admins and customers. Because of its alluring features, the eCommerce merchant can offer a great experience after choosing it for mobile app development. The Mobile App Maker extension is also available for other eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento 2. The solution has all the above-mentioned features and curbs the need for huge investment or technical knowledge as well.

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