How To Build WooCommerce Mobile Apps With Knowband?

If you want to create a successful eCommerce mobile app that will help in targeting more audiences and increase engagement, the readymade WooCommerce Mobile App Builder can be a wise choice. The best thing about the pre-defined extension is that the store admin need not to indulge in unnecessary coding knowledge or functionality details. The eCommerce mobile apps are designed with potent features to achieve the best results. The store owner can customize the eCommerce Android and iOS Mobile app exactly as required. With full admin control, the store admin can simply manage the working of both mobile apps over a few mouse clicks. Expanding the eCommerce business with Android and the iOS app provides numerous benefits and generates more revenue.

If you are worried about the time frame and capital in launching mobile apps, WooCommerce Mobile App Builder is a ready-to-use extension to transform the online store into a native eCommerce app. So, the store merchants can easily perform all the required changes in the Android and iOS app without any technicality. The WooCommerce Mobile App is the fastest and most affordable way to build a mobile app for your existing site. You just have to follow three simple steps:

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Step 1: Purchase & Install the extension-

The store admin just needs to purchase the WooCommerce Mobile App Maker module from the Knowband website and install the extension on its eCommerce store.

Step 2: Fill Prerequisite Form-

The store owner needs to fill up the prerequisite form and share the details with us. We will help in developing the shopping app as per their needs.

Step 3: Launching Mobile App-

Once the Android and iOS app is developed, the store admin needs to review and confirm it to publish on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Why Own a WooCommerce Mobile App?

It is possible that you are generating enough revenue from your eCommerce website, but due to current technological changes, it is not going to last for a longer period of time. Now, the priorities of the customer have been changed; they want mobile shopping apps to be accessed at their fingertips. According to the research, over 50% of total web traffic is now coming from eCommerce apps. We can see that the traditional websites are now starting to get dominated by shopping apps and the unstoppable rise of smartphones making it happen faster. So, it is a clever decision to go for WooCommerce Mobile App Builder before it gets too late.

Powerful Features of WooCommerce Mobile App Delivering Results:

1. White Label Mobile App Branding-

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator gives a better branding opportunity and allows the store admin to launch a branded shopping app for their business. With this option, the store owner can launch the eCommerce mobile app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with his own business account. The store admin has the option to add the App logo, name, splash screen, home screen UI, images and banners, etc by accessing the admin panel.

2. Easy Home Screen Customization-

Customizing and crafting the home screen of the shopping app according to the changing need and requirements can be a very difficult task. The Mobile App for WooCommerce makes it simpler and allows the store admin to perform all the changes on the app home screen without the need of learning the coding language. The eCommerce merchant can also create multiple layouts design in the module extension and use the right one anytime.

3. Real-Time Synchronization-

It might be irritating for the eCommerce merchant to perform changes on product inventory and data on a regular basis. The WooCommerce Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the store owner to fully synchronize the mobile apps with the eCommerce store inventory. All the changes performed in the product inventory and data on the eCommerce store will get reflected on the mobile app automatically.

4. Push Notifications For Easy Marketing-

The WooCommerce Android And iOS App Maker is a great tool to promote the eCommerce store product on the users smartphone. It makes the customers aware of the latest offers, discounts, and updates available on the eCommerce mobile app. The push notifications feature allows to send the notifications to the customers even when the eCommerce app is closed and mobile phones are locked. The store admin can simply configure the template and image of the notification and send it from the admin panel of the extension.

5. Offline Access For Better Engagement-

The WooCommerce Mobile App offers an offline access mode that improves the engagement rate of the eCommerce mobile app. The customers can seamlessly use the shopping app even if they are having no or slow internet connection. All the pre-loaded products can be browsed in offline mode.

6. Easy One-Step Registration and Login-

The WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App allows the customer to get access to the shopping app with a single tap. The Android app and iOS app consists of social login options (Facebook/Google) and email login/registration options. The Fingerprint and Phone No(OTP) login can also be used by the customer to easily get access to the eCommerce mobile app.

7. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options-

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder ensures a high engagement rate in the eCommerce mobile app. The shopping app consists of all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce store. The multiple favorable payment and shipping methods allows the customers to have easy transaction processing.

8. Multilingual and RTL Support To Target Globally-

The WooCommerce Mobile App supports all the regional, local and global languages available on the eCommerce store. It also allows the store admin to target the audience globally without any language barrier by using mobile apps. The store admin can include all the languages in the shopping app that are available on the eCommerce website including RTL ones. .

9. One-Page Checkout-

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator helps the customer to avoid lengthy transaction process. The mobile app only asks for the required information from the customer. It allows the customers to easily perform all the checkout and purchase activities via the Android and iOS apps.

10. Zopim and Whatsapp Chat For Customer Support-

The Mobile App for WooCommerce consists of live customer support options. This option is especially offered to gain the trust and satisfaction of the customers. The customers might face multiple queries and issues while accessing the mobile app. The Zopim and WhatsApp customer support feature allow the store merchant to resolve customer queries and issues 24*7.


We understand that building a native app can be a time-consuming and expensive task. The Mobile App for WooCommerce avoids you going on the downside by eliminating the cost and heavy timelines. You don’t have to worry about building the shopping app from scratch. You just need to purchase the readymade extension from Knowband and launch the Android and iOS apps. This gives you peace of mind and can smoothly bring more sales to your business. To know more, connect with us by email at [email protected].

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