How is Gift Card Extension a win-win for both store owners and customers?

A gift card is an electronic gift voucher that includes a one-of-a-kind code that can be benefited from an online store (of which the gift voucher belongs) to purchase something of a similar incentive as that of the gift voucher. 

For instance, in the event that it is an Amazon gift voucher with the estimation of 5000, the user can gift it to any individual who sends the code through email to the beneficiary. Thus, the beneficiary can add product(s) of a similar worth (5000) to the cart and enter the code while on the checkout page to shop the product(s). 

When you (the store admin) decide to install the Gift Card extension on your eCommerce store, you decide to open your store for all the benefits that you’ve planned for it. Knowband’s Gift Card Manager extension not only benefits the store owner by adding the feature to your store but would see an improvement in sales and conversions overall.

This blog talks about the various benefits of the Send Gift Card addon for both store owners and customers.

1. Perks of including Gift Cards on your eCommerce store

a) Gift Card Manager Extension Enhances the overall customer experience

Whether you have a gift store or a store that features a multitude of products, if you have a section where customers can choose gift cards, you are providing a seamless and hassle-free user experience to your customers.

This way, the customers can easily purchase the gift card instead of browsing through the website locating the ‘perfect gift’. This way, you know that the customers will keep coming back if you provide them a seamless customer experience.

b) The acquisition of new potential customers

Gift cards are by and large practical at a business where Visas are adequate for things or services that by far most need or want – at a home decor shop, for example, which passes on more exorbitant things that various customers wouldn’t commonly buy.

Send Gift Card addon to uphold people who may for no situation visit your eCommerce store to peruse the stock yet would absolutely come to purchase products or services with the gift card code that they have. This may achieve future re-visits to make additional buys.

c) Personalized gifting experience with the holiday-specific gift cards

It is during the holiday season when you can actually see the benefits of the Gift Voucher module because people love to give (and receive) and what better time to let them do the same with digital gift cards?

You as store owners should read this blog that talks about the Gift Card Manager by Knowband. This will not only increase sales and revenue, but it will also add new customers to your store.

2. Benefits of adding the Gift Card Module to your store

a) Additional up-selling opportunities

When a customer buys a gift card for a loved one with the Gift Card Addon, it for a specific value like 1000, 2000, or more than that. Well, it is not important that the receiver actually goes forth and buys something of the same value as mentioned on the gift card.

Hence, the major probability is that the beneficiary picks something more than the perceived value of the gift card. Hence, there are chances of additional sales in your store.

b) Builds loyalty and increases brand awareness

Right when your gift card is proposed to arrange your association’s logo and brand, it essentially fills in as an advertising tool in the customer’s pocket. At the point when the gift cards are given to beneficiaries on their birthday events, commemorations, or some other exceptional events like promotion, having a child, thus numerous others, they are additionally given the brand.

All things considered, when you put resources into Gift Card extension, it advances brand mindfulness among the beneficiaries whether they are an ordinary client at the eCommerce store or not.

c) Is a great marketing tool

The Gift Card module is a superb marketing tool because it brings in new customers, generates sales and revenue for your eCommerce store.

d) A smart tool to acquire email addresses

The Gift Card Manager extension is a perfect mode to acquire the email addresses of the user who bought the digital gift card as well as the beneficiary who’s going to get the gift card. The latter will get the gift card code via email.

3. The advantages of the Gift Card Manager extension for the customers

1. The module doesn’t force the buyers to purchase the products or services on an urgent basis. They have time till the code on the gift cards get expired to shop what they want. Hence, no hurries!!

2. Gift cards are the perfect gifts one can give and receive. The Gift Voucher module not only reduces the headache of choosing the right gift but also gives the power to the beneficiary to buy something they actually want.

3. It is easy to use with a validity that can (or cannot) be extended after talking to the customer care department.

4. The users can choose to avoid shipping fees, the users can directly ask for the gift card via email rather than the physical copy.

5. Online users can select a gift card of a specific amount and gift it easily.

Gift Card Extension is available for OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, and PrestaShop platforms.

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