Why to Build an Impressive Progressive Web App for WooCommerce store?

A progressive web app (PWA) is used to deliver an app-like experience on the mobile phones by means of a web application. It exactly gives the look and feel of native apps to the customers. The PWA app consists of all those features that a native app has and even has the browser based additional features. The developer does not need to write a set of coding instructions separately for android and iOS. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App app can easily be implemented into your website without any coding knowledge. 

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App consists of several more features that are important to have in every eCommerce business. Knowband is the renounced name when it comes to the eCommerce plugin. It provides ready-made plugins for WooCommerce stores. The store admin just has to integrate the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder with the eCommerce website. 

What is WooCommerce PWA App Builder & How it works?

A WooCommerce PWA App Builder module is a no-code solution for many eCommerce businesses. It turns your eCommerce website into a PWA app without any coding or technicalities. 

The module will be installed on the eCommerce website and it will integrate all the data into the mobile app. The store owner can easily access and control the mobile app from the admin panel. All changes made in the admin panel by the store admin will immediately get reflected on the eCommerce app. 


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Reasons to build WooCommerce Mobile App

There are tons of reasons that make WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker beneficial for both customers and store admin. Some of them are mentioned below. 

1. Easy Progressive Web App installation-

The store admin does not have to make a separate mobile app for the Apple Store and Play store. Customers don’t have to access the App and Play store to download the mobile app and face the storage problem. Customers can easily add the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator to their mobile home screen while fetching the eCommerce website on mobile browser. Users only have to select the “Add to Home Screen” pop up and they can easily access the shopping app on their mobile screen. 

2. White Label solution with easy customization-

Every company wants to launch the eCommerce app with its own brand name and PWA Mobile App for WooCommerce gives you the freedom to do so. The store admin can launch the eCommerce app under their brand name and can also add a brand logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. 

Also, with WooCommerce PWA Mobile App, the store admin doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The store owner can enhance the look and feel of the mobile app by customizing its layout from the admin panel. The eCommerce merchant can configure the entire home screen layout as per the demand and can also include its own banner, images, categories in it. 

3. Multi-device Compatibility-

Hiring developers for each platform can be very time taken and costly. Moreover, the store admin is also not able to perform any changes due to coding technicality. But WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator is compatible with every platform and operating system, whether it is Android or iOS and mobile or tablet. PWA apps are designed to run smoothly on every platform with a great user experience.

 4. Featured product listing-

To boost sales and generate more traffic into your progressive app, WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder comes up with such an amazing feature called featured product listing. It allows the store admin to add featured products like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, etc. On the home screen of the PWA app. This feature is added to engage more customers in your mobile app.

5. Easy to log in or register-

Many customers tend to leave the app because of the lengthy login and registration process. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator allows users to log in or register into the progressive app with a single tap. The Store admin can integrate social login options such as Facebook and Google and users can also get registered in the eCommerce app with an email address. 

6. Multilingual and Currency Support-

Due to the current technological changes, it is important for eCommerce businesses to expand their business globally. But many eCommerce businesses are not able to do so because of the language barrier. The Mobile App for WooCommerce PWA gives the opportunity to mobile apps to remove this barrier. WooCommerce plugins support all global and regional languages. The shopping apps even support the most requested RTL languages. The users of your eCommerce app just have to select the desired language and the app automatically gets translated into the demanded language. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App also supports all the currencies included in the website or store admin can also integrate more according to the requirement. 

7. All Payment and Shipping Method Support-

If your progressive web app doesn’t have an easy and fast checkout method, then it can lead to a high cart abandonment rate and no eCommerce business wants that. So WooCommerce eCommerce PWA Mobile App comes up with the solution by providing support to all payment and shipping methods. The store admin can include all the payment and shipping methods to the progressive app active on the eCommerce website. Now, users can easily choose preferable payment and shipping methods at their convenience. 

8. One-Page Checkout-

Most of the customers don’t like to fill up unnecessary information while checkout and the lengthy process can irritate them. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder helps customers with transaction ease. The mobile app allows users to only fill in the necessary information to complete the transactions. This feature generates higher conversions for the eCommerce app. 

9. Live Synchronization –

The store admin can easily synchronize its eCommerce website with the shopping app products and inventory with the help of WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator. If any changes are performed by the store admin then it will immediately get reflected in the progressive web app in the run time. 

10. Unlimited Push Notifications-

Push notification is a great tool for eCommerce marketing and promotions. Users are more likely to purchase after getting the push notification on the installed PWA mobile app. The push notifications give information about current website offers, abandoned carts, etc. The store admin can easily send push notifications to the customers through WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator. The notifications can be sent automatically or manually by the store admin on the PWA app. 

11. Order Tracking Updates-

Customers want to keep themselves updated and have track of their previously made orders. The Mobile App for WooCommerce PWA  provides real-time order status updates to its customers. The users can also check the status in the mobile app.

12. Support Offline Mode- 

Many eCommerce apps can’t get access by the customer’s end during slow or no internet connection. This problem can have an impact on mobile app sales. In WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator the customers don’t have to face the problem while accessing the PWA  app even in slow and no internet connection. 

 13. Lightweight, Reliable and Engaging-

Native apps are large in size and can require a lot of data to get installed. Users often face the problem of crashes and stopping applications. The Mobile App for WooCommerce PWA consumes very less space and rarely gets crashed or stopped. 

Engaging visitors to the progressive web app is a challenging task for many people. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App amazing features help to engage more customers and make them reliable such as push notifications, offline access, etc. 


Now, you know all the main reasons to go to WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker. Knowband WooCommerce plugin consists of all the necessary features that are required to improve customer engagement, boost sales, drive traffic, and much more. To know more, send us an email at [email protected].

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