Key Benefits of launching WooCommerce PWA Mobile App

Every eCommerce business has its own set of goals and objectives. The eCommerce store adapts to many strategies and plans in order to achieve them. But, only selling via the desktop website isn’t going to help with the sale targets. This era is of mobile phones and every user is preferring to browse and shop products from a mobile application. Hence, launching a WooCommerce Progressive Web App is not a mere luxury but a necessity nowadays.  

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder extension is designed to convert your online eCommerce store into Progressive Web App. The store admin just needs to install the module in the back office. The front-end PWA Mobile App will be made live on the mobile URL of the website. The store admin can make changes in the admin panel that will be reflected automatically on the Progressive Web App. Check quick tour of the mobile apps from the below video:

There are enough compelling features and reasons to launch the WooCommerce Progressive Web App. A few of the major ones are discussed in this article as well. Now, let’s see how simple is it to launch an eCommerce Progressive Web App with this no-code WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker tool:

Step 1: Purchase the extension from:

Step 2: Share required details to set up and create apps.

Step 3: Review the test app and confirm to make it live on the website URL itself.

Check our demo module and app from the below links:

Admin Panel Demo:

Front End App Demo:

Features Offered With WooCommerce Progressive Web App:


1. Easy Installation –

The installation process requires a good amount of data in the user’s mobile phone. If we compare the PWA app with the native apps, It installs easily on the user’s phone and not dependent upon the Play Store and App Store. Also, The users can easily add the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App to their home screen by simply clicking on the “Add to home screen” plugin appearing on the mobile app. 

2. White Label Solution and easy customization – 

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to launch the mobile app under their brand name and can also add a brand name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. The easy customization of the WooCommerce App for the Prestashop PWA option allows the store admin to also use intuitive colors and fonts, banners, images, sliders, etc. 

3. Device Compatibility-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Builder is compatible with every platform and device. The customers can use the eCommerce app in any the device they want, seamlessly and effortlessly whether it is iOS and Android or tablet or mobile.

4. Email & Social Login Options-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Maker allows the store admin to include the easy login and registration option for better customer reliability. The store admin can include the social login (Facebook and Google) and also email registration and login option. The progressive app allows the users to get login with a single tap. 

5. Multiple Payment and Shipping Option Support-

The WooCommerce App for Prestashop PWA allows the users to include all the payment and shipping options in the shopping app available on the eCommerce website. This feature is there to provide the transaction ease to the customers and to improve their trust also. 

6. Single Page Checkout-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Builder allows the customers to only fill in all the important details related to the order placement. Additionally, This feature gives an easy transaction process to the customers and improves their reliability. 

7. Multilingual and RTL Support-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Maker allows customers to translate the progressive app into the desired language. The store admin can also include all the languages in the PWA app available on the eCommerce website. 

8. Real-Time Synchronization and Push Notifications-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Creator synchronizes all the product inventory and data of eCommerce websites with the mobile apps. The real-time synchronization also does not require manual efforts from the side of the store admin. 

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to send the current offers, discounts, updates, abandoned carts, etc. notifications to the customers. The customers can read the push notifications even when they are not using the shopping app and their screen is locked.

9. Order Status Update–

The WooCommerce eCommerce PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to make customers aware of their previously placed orders by sending push notifications. The eCommerce app also allows the customers to view the status of their orders from the home screen. 

10. Supports Offline Mode –

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker gives the benefit to the customers to access the app even when they have no internet connection. This feature allows the customers to engage more in the progressive app. 

11. Zopim and Whatsapp Chat Support –

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator consists of an inbuilt  Zopim and Whatsapp Chat feature to provide 24*7 customer support. Additionally, The customer can now easily ask their queries and issues to the store admin and get a satisfactory answer. 

Check out some of our new features and upgrades in WooCommerce PWA Mobile App.


The WooCommerce App for Prestashop PWA is very much easy to use from the modular backend and consists of all the options that should be available in the mobile app. You can also send us an email to know more at [email protected]

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