WooCommerce Progressive Web App can enhance business reach. Know how?

The eCommerce store administrators must adjust according to emerging technological developments in order to succeed in the eCommerce industry. After considering the business requirements, the store admin must launch the mobile app to achieve the same. The eCommerce merchant should ensure that the online website has an eCommerce mobile app. Including all of the necessary features and functionalities that will help in improving productivity & sales. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker module will assist you in converting your eCommerce site into a Progressive Web App. All required customization options are available in the WooCommerce eCommerce PWA Mobile App admin panel. The store admin can easily transform the look and feel of the shopping app anytime. 

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder by Knowband enables store managers to easily convert their eCommerce store into a PWA app. The customer can use or take the benefit of the feature like easy login, push notification, Offline mode, Multiple languages, all payment, and shipping support, etc. 

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Grow Your Business With Advanced Features and Functionalities:

1. Easy installation- 

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator’s easy installation option is a cherry on the cake. Online shoppers don’t have to download the eCommerce PWA Mobile app from any third-party medium such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Actually, whenever any user opens the store URL on the mobile browser. The “Add to Home Screen” pop-up allows adding the app to the mobile screen directly. The mobile app will be saved on the device. It can be accessed anytime from the phone to browse and shop products.

2. White Label Solution –

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Maker offers a branded solution. To launch the progressive web app under its own core identity and value, the store owner can use their brand name, logo, splash screen, banner, and other items to launch the Progressive Web App.

3. Easy Home Screen Layout Customization- 

Customizing the home screen design is one of the most difficult yet necessary tasks. It provides a great user interface to online shoppers. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Creator consists of inbuilt layout customization options. That can easily change the look and the feel of the live eCommerce app. All the changes and customization can be done by just using simple drag and drop options and multiple images and designing blocks in the admin panel. 

4. E-mail and Social Login-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App offers social login (Facebook and Google) option enabling users to log into the mobile app with a single click. For handy login, the email option will also be allowed in the eCommerce app.

5. Multi-lingual and Currency Support-

It may be difficult to target several countries at the same time with the PWA Mobile App. This is made simple with the WooCommerce Progressive Web App Builder. The shopping app contains all of the languages available on the e-commerce website including the RTL scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. 

6. All Payment and Shipping Method Support-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Maker fetches all the eCommerce website’s payment and shipping options. Customers can choose from a wide range of payments and shipping options on the Progressive Web App to find the most convenient and acceptable payment choice for them.

7. One-Page Checkout-

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App enables a single-click checkout on the PWA app for customer ease. The mobile shopper will conveniently and quickly complete purchases using a one-page checkout simplified process.

8. Real-Time Synchronization- 

The real-time synchronization feature helps to synchronize all of the data and product inventory of the eCommerce store into the mobile app. It also helps the store admin to complete the task without putting in any manual effort. And even if the mobile app is live, all of the changes made by the store admin are visible.

9. Unlimited Push Notifications-

A push notification feature is included in the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker. This option allows the store admin to send notifications to customers. About the most recent deals, discounts, and updates on their smartphones, the store admin can also change the template and messages. The images and redirection link can also be included in the push notification.

10. Reliable & Engaging, Faster Performance-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App offers users fast efficiency and loading speed. This increases customer involvement and produces high revenues for the mobile app. The shopping app enhances reliability, trust, and engagement.

11. Offline Mode-

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App comes with inbuilt offline browsing capability. In case there is a problem with slow internet connectivity, the mobile shoppers will see the previously loaded data if they do not have access to the internet. This enables the customers to have access to the shopping app and use it without interruption.


The rise in mobile phone usage has changed the way customers shop on the eCommerce store. The mobile app has increased in better user engagement, faster loading time, and several other options to increase the sales of the eCommerce website. Real-time synchronization, push notifications, offline mode, and other features are already included in the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App. There are some other advantages of using the eCommerce app as well. That you can learn about by contacting us at [email protected].

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