Key Features To Look For In WooCommerce PWA Mobile Apps

In today’s era, eCommerce websites are not sufficient enough to catch the attention of their target audience and bring sales. To engage more customers, the store owners should also have something more engaging for your customers apart from your website. Mobile App is the right push for your business. 

WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder by KnowBand is the complete no code and readymade framework to launch the Progressive Web App. The developed app with this extension gives an enhanced user experience to your mobile-end customers. Push notifications, offline mode, home screen customization, admin panel control, etc. are some of the major features of the WooCommerce Mobile App. The fully-featured Progressive Web App is beneficial for most of the customers and keeps them interested in your app with high-performance benefits. The plugin is powerful, flexible, fast, and scalable. Check more details from:

Key Features of WooCommerce PWA Mobile Apps –

Although there are a ton of features in the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder that can be beneficial for both store admin and customers. But in this post, we are going to discuss some major highlights among them:

1. White Label Solution:

WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker runs on your business website so the store admin can easily launch the Progressive Web App under its brand name and identity. The store admin can add a brand logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. 

2. Featured Product Listing:

The other amazing feature of WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator is the featured product listing. It allows the store admin to add featured products like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, etc. on the home screen of the Progressive Web App. These product blocks can be added to boost product sales and generate more traffic to the business. 

3. Easy Customization & Configuration:

The store admin can easily customize their app home screen without any coding knowledge. This enhances the look and feel of the app & boost the user experience. The store admin can customize the home screen layout from the admin panel of the module by adding banners, images, categories, etc.

4. Handy Installation:

Now, the visitors of your mobile version of the website can directly add the Progressive Web App to their mobile home screen without downloading it from the Play Store and Apple App Store. Whenever any user opens the store URL on the mobile browser, a pop-up option of “Add to Home-Screen” appears. It can be simply used for installing apps on mobile phones. 

5. Reliable and Engaging:

Engaging the customers on the website is a very difficult task. Various companies are coming up with many strategies to make Progressive Web App more reliable and engaging for the customers. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder works seamlessly on all devices whether Android or iOS. Push notification is the most crucial feature to engage the customers on the Progressive Web App. The customers can access the PWA Mobile App perfectly even under no/slow internet connectivity.

6. Multi-device Compatibility:

It can be very costly and time taking to hire experienced developers for every platform. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder is compatible with almost every operating system, whether it is iOS and Android. It has no dependency on devices such as mobile and tablets. It runs smoothly on every device and gives you the look and feel of the app. 

7. Lightweight:

Native apps are heavy in size and can require a lot of data to get installed. It can also get crashed or stopped while working. The WooCommerce PWA App consumes very little space in users’ devices. It is very lightweight and fast in comparison to native apps and can rarely get crashed or stopped while working. 

8. E-mail and Social Login:

This option in WooCommerce PWA Mobile App allows users to login into the eCommerce app with a single tap. The store admin can integrate both Facebook and Google login options so that users can easily login into the web application. It also allows users to get registered with an email address.

9. Multi-lingual and Currency Support:

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder supports all global and regional languages. The most demanded language like RTL is also included in the web app. Users have to select their desired language and the web app automatically gets translated into the desired language. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker also supports all the currencies included in the website. 

10. All Payment and Shipping Method:

The Mobile App for WooCommerce PWA supports all types of payment methods. The store admin can include all the available payment options, so users can perform the transaction with their most reliable payment method. The store admin can include and exclude the shipping methods in the Progressive web app. This allows the user to choose the preferable shipping method as per their convenience. 

11. Support Offline Mode:

If there is a problem of slow and no internet connection at the user’s end, then WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator can be a solution for you.  All the previously loaded data on the app will be shown on the mobile screen in offline mode. The users do not have to depend upon internet connectivity to browse the app.

12. One-Page Checkout:

One page checkout of Progressive Web App helps users with transaction ease. The PWA Mobile App for WooCommerce offers a simplified checkout feature to ensure a low cart abandonment rate & higher conversions. The user only has to fill in the necessary details to complete the transactions. 

13. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Push notification in WooCommerce PWA App allows the store admin to send promotional as well as informative push notifications about the current website offers, abandoned cart, etc. With WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder, the store admin can schedule the notifications for automatic sending and can even send manual notifications. It required no or very little manual intervention. 

14. Live Synchronization-

With the WooCommerce PWA App Builder, store products, categories, and inventory are 100% synchronized with the app. If the store admin performs any changes in the website inventory, the same will be automatically reflected immediately on the PWA app screen during run time. 

15. Tracking-

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker provides real-time order status updates to its customers. The mobile shoppers will be notified about the update of the previously placed orders or they can check the same from the PWA Mobile app itself. 


Now, you know all the basic required features of the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App. But, it is also important to select the best plugin to get the desired outcome. Knowband provides you all the basic and advanced features that you must have in your web app.

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